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My Strong Belief Of Taking Responsibility For Me And My...

My strong belief in taking responsibility for me and my family actually began in earnest, when we moved from India to the United States, six years ago. I don’t recall having very strong beliefs about anything specific in the past, but as I got older and especially when I moved to America, major changes began to take place in my life. I had just completed eighth grade and was about to enter ninth, when we moved to the U.S. My family was very happy in their native country of India; the only reason the decision was made to move, was because of me. My parents wanted me to be assured of a good education, which would enable me to enjoy a much better life in the future. When I began ninth grade in the U.S., I finally realized how important it was that I concentrate diligently on my schoolwork in order to succeed in my education and also, start taking on some increased responsibilities. I have an older brother who is disabled, so I am the only hope for my parents, to eventually help take care of my family. My parents have always taken care of me, for the most part, so I believe I have a responsibility to take care of them, as well. At this time, I find my job to be the most difficult part of my life. I first started working when I was about sixteen and half years old and so far, I have only worked at two different places. I used to work in Chester, VA, at a Super 8 Motel as a front desk clerk, where I gained experience working all three shifts. I didn’t have as many responsibilitiesShow MoreRelatedThe Strengths And Weaknesses Of An Individual Impacts Essay1723 Words   |  7 Pagesidentified my personal top five themes as responsibility, strategic, significance, adaptability, and learner. First the theme responsibility displays my willingness to take psychological ownership of what I say I will do, my commitment to values such as honest and loyalty, a strong desire to make others feel welcomed and accepted in my presence, and a need to conduct myself in a proper, ethical, legal, and upright manner to gain a sense of righteousness. Second, the theme of strategic highlights my abilityRead MoreEssay about My Core Values985 Words   |  4 PagesExample Essay My Core Values As I have grown as an adult and moved further towards success in my life, I have always maintained a guided structure to achieve goals and tasks that challenge me. I call these my â€Å"Core Values†. This is a strict regimen or a belief system that I have instilled into my everyday practice to complete any task that presents itself. Although not perfected, I have found this method to be quite successful. My work ethic, responsibility, and my drive to further my education andRead MoreMy Cultural Identity : Hawaii Essay1223 Words   |  5 Pagesfrom, I immediately think about my Japanese and Filipino lineage. I also think about Hawaii, and how growing up there has shaped me today. This are only parts of the equation to my cultural identity. No matter what nationality or country you grow up in, each person is exposed to different ideals that mix in with their background culture. I would like to look at my cultural identity by looking at some traditions in Hawaii, the organizatio ns I’ve been a part of, and my own unique personal identity. EachRead MoreCommunity s Membership And How My Identity As A Social Worker Is Influenced By The Community1669 Words   |  7 Pagescharacters and interpersonal relationships. This paper seeks to discuss my community which is Rosslyn community, my role in the community and the challenges and benefits of belonging to this community. Moreover, the paper will discuss the nature of the community’s membership and how my identity as a social worker is influenced by the community. The Rosslyn community in Alberta province is a location- based community which from my frequent interactions with the members, I can simply term it as a tolerantRead MoreA Short Description Of Rosslyn Community1626 Words   |  7 Pagescohesiveness. Communities are a major determinant of an individual’s attitude, characters and interpersonal relationships. This paper seeks to discuss my community which is Rosslyn community, my role in the community and the challenges and benefits of belonging to this community. Moreover, the paper will discuss the nature of the community’s membership and how my identity as a social worker is influenced by the community. Rosslyn is a sub-urban community located near Edmonton city. The community is heterogeneousRead MoreThe Success Of A School Environment758 Words   |  4 Pagesfashion. I have been the student sitting behind the desk, the teacher in a classroom and that eager parent involved in my children’s school life. Each setting has been a ‘family’ in its own manner, with each member contributing to my growth and understanding of who I am and want to be as an educator and a ‘conscious leader’. My love of learning has instilled a curiosity asking those around me what they have come to know and why they know it. In asking, I have learned about vulnerability and courage andRead MoreThe Inequality Between Gender Roles1280 Words   |  6 PagesAt a very young age our beliefs start developing and our values become more and more important. Those experiences that we face during our childhood shape us up to be who we are today. Family, culture, and friends influence the se beliefs constantly because they are who we look up to for moral support. However, the way we perceive the world doesn’t stop once we become â€Å"adults†, we all continue to grow and learn from our mistakes and experiences. It is fascinating to see how we evolve over time andRead MoreThe Establishment Of The One Child Policy932 Words   |  4 Pagescountry’s family dynamics by preventing millions of births and creating single-child homes (DeLauche). As a result of the controversial policy, orphanages began filling with Chinese children, predominately girls, for adoption in order to uphold the new legislation of one child per family. Because of this sole decision of the People’s Republic of China, my childhood consisted of two cultures: Chinese and American. For, as an infant, I was adopted by a single mom in America. Shortly after my thirteenthRead MoreThe Public Relations Industry1576 Words   |  7 PagesMy father always said, â€Å"Nothing is handed to you on a silver platter. You have to work for what you want.† From an early age, I was raised to stand for what I believed in, to work hard and to never give up. Eventually, this began the foundation of how my leadership began. When I think of leadership, I think of three skills I possess: responsibility, loyalty, and integrity. These three skills will be especially important upon my graduation in May 2018 when I hope to go into the public relations industryRead MoreMy Moral Compass1070 Words   |  4 Pagesindividual. A moral compass is something everybody has and lives by. It helps assist in formulating decisions, and is based on morals and virtues. Good managers need a strong moral compass to have the ability to influence others to follow suit, and do the right thing. My personal moral compass is directed by foundational influences , sources, beliefs, and an analysis of the moral philosophies I follow. Just like the cardinal compass, an individual’s or organization’s moral compass must be consistent. Factors

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Archetypes In Homers The Odyssey - 1383 Words

Ancient Greeks’ history consisted of monsters, creatures, gods, goddesses, fights, and battles. It shows that Ancient Greeks were very imaginative and creative. There were three main archetypes that were used in Homer’s epic ,The Odyssey, which show different aspects of Ancient Greek culture. Those three archetypes were: the hero/father figure archetype, the monster archetypes, and the search for love. The hero archetype explained the Ancient Greeks’ love for thrill and adventure; Odysseus went on many thrilling adventures while on his journey. The monster archetypes represented the Greeks’ love of horror; Odysseus’ men have died due to the monsters and creatures. There were also love stories that show the Greeks’ passionate and emotional†¦show more content†¦Meaning, Odysseus, being the hero, set an important example for society. People in his society took in anything and everything he did because his actions were viewed as importa nt and moral. Surely you have watched a movie, or read a comic, with an amazing superhero that saved his/her city from danger; well somewhere in that storyline, there was a little kid wishing they had superpowers, so they could save the world as well. That superhero was viewed as a moral to their society because of what they did, like Odysseus. Odysseus was able to survive ten long years of a vicious battle, and another ten long years fighting his way through many obstacles. Most of those obstacles included monsters. Typically, it is a general reaction for regular humans to fear anything that is different from their everyday life. Besides, â€Å"all things that differ from societal normality should be seen as either offensive, or to be feared,† ( The Hero’s Journey- Julie Harris; â€Å"Monsters The Hero†- Section 1; pg. 16 ). The Ancient Greeks feared monsters because they were different. They felt threatened by the monsters, and the Greeks would either stay aw ay from them, or fight them. Monsters are feared because they are, typically, known for killing and hurting people. One of the monsters, that shouldShow MoreRelatedArchetypes In Homers The Odyssey1507 Words   |  7 Pagesthat Ancient Greeks are very imaginative and creative. Three main archetypes that are used in Homer’s epic ,The Odyssey, each show a different aspect of Ancient Greek culture. The three archetypes are: the hero archetype, the monster archetypes, and the search for love. The hero archetype shows the Ancient Greeks’ love for thrill and adventure; Odysseus goes on many thrilling adventures while on his journey. The monster archetypes represents the Greeks’ love for horror; Odysseus’ men die horribleRead MoreExamples Of Archetypes In Homers Odyssey1292 Words   |  6 Pageshumans in modern times have archetypes. Archetypes are characters, actions, or situations that are repeated in all human life. Archetypes are found in myths, legends, d reams, films, music, literature and several other forms of entertainment. In fact, The Odyssey, a prominent piece of writing, contains many archetypes. The Odyssey is a 3,000-year-old epic written by Homer in Ancient Greece. It describes the adventures of Odysseus. As well as being found in The Odyssey, archetypes are evident throughoutRead MoreExamples Of Archetypes In The Odyssey890 Words   |  4 Pagesinformation can be gained from Homer’s epic,The Odyssey about ancient Greek civilizations and their what they valued morally. The Odyssey has a variety of different archetypes that are still relevant in modern times. The legend of Odyssey has been passed down from poet to poet for five hundred years until finally Homer wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey down somewhere between eight hundred fifty and seven hundred fifty B.C. In Homer’s epic the Odyssey, there are three archetypes that provide insights to AncientRead MoreOdyssey Archetype Analysis850 Words   |  4 Pag esArchetypes in â€Å"The Odyssey†and Greek culture Homer’s epic poem is one of the most prolific, intriguing adventure stories ever written. His exceptional use of archetypes adds anticipation and excitement throughout the entire poem. This story has a mix of adventure, suspense, love, and loss. All of these features are archetypes that are shown in Homer’s epic poem. Greek culture is also a big part of the archetypes in this poem as well. The 3 archetypes that I chose are some of the most frequently seenRead MoreExamples Of Archetypes In The Odyssey1002 Words   |  5 PagesHomer’s epic poem is one of the most prolific, intriguing adventure stories ever written. His exceptional use of archetypes adds anticipation and excitement throughout the entire poem. This story has a mix of adventure, suspense, love, and loss. All of these features are archetypes that are shown in Homer’s epic poem. Greek culture is a big part of the archetypes in this poem as well. The three archetypes that I chose are some of the most frequently seen archetypes in adventurous stories or poemsRead MoreOdysseus Archetype Analysis785 Words   |  4 Pagescourageous whirlpool Charybdis. They all attempted to kill the heroic Odysseus but failed to. The author of the epic poem, The Odyssey, is credited to Homer. Homer wrote his epic somewhere in eighth century BC. Some archetypes used in Homer’s epic heroic, monsters, and hospitality. The first archetype we will discuss is the heroic archetype. Homer first uses the hero archetype in his epic, when he brutally stabbed the eye of the great Polyphemus. Homer gives you a very well insight that Odysseus usesRead MoreFemale Archetypes in Odyssey1289 Words   |  6 PagesA Plotting Princess: Female Roles in The Odyssey and Antigonà ª Karen Rustad The fairy tale Snow White is a story about two women. One, the evil stepmother, schemes against her stepdaughter in order to assuage her envy and increase her power. She, of course, is thwarted by the end of the story. The other, Snow White, is a pure, innocent damsel entirely devoid of will. Nevertheless, by the end her prince saves her and she lives happily ever after. While Snow White is a European fairy tale, itsRead MoreExamples Of Archetypes In The Odyssey1291 Words   |  6 PagesArchetypes in The Odyssey All humans have ideals and patterns in common. Humans from a thousand years ago and humans in modern times have archetypes. Archetypes are characters, actions, or situations that are repeated in all human life. Archetypes are found in myths, legends, dreams, films, music, literature and several other forms of entertainment. In fact, The Odyssey, a prominent piece of writing, contains many archetypes. The Odyssey is a 3,000 year-old epic written by Homer in Ancient GreeceRead MoreThe Odyssey And Homer s Homeric1336 Words   |  6 Pagesadventure fantasy. We encounter new brace characters, and once in awhile we see those qualities and characteristics in another character. that s the case with the characters of Demeter and Penelope. Although placed in different stories like The Odyssey and Homer’s Hymn to Demeter, both characters share qualities that makes them similar to one another. Furthermore, both powerful female characters experience an impactful loss that turns their lif e upside down. Demeter, a goddess of fertility, must struggleRead More Elements of Homers Odyssey in the Coen Brothers Oh Brother Where Art Thou646 Words   |  3 PagesThe Coen Brothers’ â€Å"Oh Brother Where Art Thou?†, loosely based on Homer’s classic adventure The Odyssey, is a film amusingly filled with themes of symbolism similar to those found in Homer’s epic, while still maintaining a sense of originality and style that they have become so renowned for. An exciting and entertaining blend of high adventure, humour, and heartfelt emotion, at first glance, the film barely resembles Homer’s poem: only certain elements are obvious, such as the main character’s name

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Music Industry Law for Music Business Contracts- myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theMusic Industry Law for Music Business Contracts. Answer: It is vital for the band to establish itself as a formal legal entity because it will help the band to resolve any arising problem that may lead to lose of the equipment and money. On the other hand, the band should protect its name legally because failing to do so may result to losing the bands reputation that already exist, and forcing the members to build a new identity from the beginning.[1]Other than that, the band should not involve a manager or an agent because they are expensive and yet is just starting to become successful; instead they should use fans and friends to market themselves. Under Copyright Act 1968, composers are regarded as the authors. Therefore, it is clear to say that they own the copyright. On the other hand, the band should allow Ralph to retain the copyright. It is because the law allows the person who has arranged for recording to have to own copyright.[2]Under Copyright Act, Ralph is allowed to own the copyright being that he provided sound recording; hence, making him the maker.[3] Conversely, being that the whole band depends on the lyrics created by Sarah; the band should recognize Sarah as the co-author due to her contribution. Further, the legal position with the copyright in songs if they failed to make an agreement will be that, the law will give Sarah copyright ownership because she is the one who created lyrics. The band should not agree to have a contract between them and the Fungi Records Ltd. The reason is that they may lose the reputation and the name of the business. Additionally, it will also affect the agreement that had been formed among the band members.[4]However, there would be no legal objections to Fungi to issue the same recorded album under a new band name. Arts Law protects the moral rights of the band members; therefore, the band members must follow the band partnership deed for them to replace Dan. The band should seek payment by the use of a contract, which can either be written or oral. However, the best form should be a written contract because is binding and easily enforced. The band should allow Fungi Touring to handle merchandise based on a new contract to avoid legal issues concert performance. Moreover, a legal action can be taken against anybody using ones trademarks without consent as stated under Copyright Law.[5] Fungi Touringmust write a letter to the University administration informing them about the existence of such concerts. They should also involve the policemen to keep law and order. Other than that, the collecting community also has the role to play because they may get affected by noise; hence, ending up filing noise complaints. If Victoria University decided to sponsor the concert, the main points on the agreement should include fees to be paid to the promoter, who to pay for the accommodation and travel expenses, and the date and time of the sound check.[6] The agreement should be between the University and the band or bands agents. It is better for the Casuals to establish their band as a partnership and not as a corporation. Forming a partnership will not require them to have a formal creation.[7] Besides, partnerships have more credit because the members have different assets. This enables the group to have the chance to get loans and allow them to grow. No matter what type of business structure the group uses, they should still legally protect their name. They can seek legal counsel when establishing their dealings. The Casuals should engage a manager since the group is still young and growing. A manager will help the band by devising and executing strategies and help the artist to excel.[8] Following the legal tips, the Casuals band should not accept the deal from the CEO of Mecca Pty Ltd being that there are so many things that they should consider, which actually are not included in the agreement. For instance, the agreement does not indicate its lasting period. Brian could have probably initiated a contract that lasts for a life time or say more than a year. However, the initial length should be a year, after which parties are given opportunities to renew if they wish to have some additional periods.[9] Aside from that, Brian does not state his release commitment. Without this commitment, there is no certainty that the record label will do what it is supposed to do: produce the album, package, and distribute it to the public for sale. The band should not agree to the new contract with Mecca as there was no reason for the requirements to change the name and replace one of the partners. Just in case the band accepts to get in the new contract with Mecca, they will be forced to change their band name to The Pick-ups and the same time change their current drummer according to the demands of the recording company. There are legal objections for Mecca to reissue I Dont Care with a different band name because it is known to be by the Casuals. The Copyright Act and Trade Mark Acts protects the owners from illegal productions unless there is a clear indication that the rock band has changed its name and for what reasons. Artists get real money on concert tours. As such, the band should seek circa $100,000 or more per performance. If Medina wants to handle merchandise, they should initiate a new contract with the rock band. Of course, legal action should be taken against the owner of the stall for antipiracy. Medina Touring will have to visit the school, get contact information, set the date for the concert tour and time of the day that will be given for the concert and the amount of time allocated for the band performance. All the collecting societies have a partly role of a consumer in the concert. Besides, they also have a role to motivate the performers through their applause and appreciation. The university will have to obtain permission from the copyright holder to use the song. Aside from that, they should agree how long they will use the song and the amount they will pay for it. Bibliography Articles/ Books/ Reports Arts Law : Information Sheet : Music Copyright And Publishing For Bands And Recording Artists (2017) Arts Law Arts Law : Information Sheet : Trade Marks (2017) Arts Law Finding The Right Business Structure For Your Band | Future Of Music Coalition(2012) Gorder, Don, Valerie Lovely and Steve Masur, Legal Aspects Of The Music Industry Course - Berklee Online (2017) Music Law Updates - Article: Music Business Contracts(2017) Organizing Your Band As A Company By Paul B. Ungar, Attorney At Law (2017) Vilmer, Matt,5 Tips Every Artist Must Know Before Signing Their First Record Deal(2015) Voogt, Budi,Understanding The Music Industry: Artist Managers And Booking Agents What They Do And Why You Need Them(2017) Heroic Academy Regulations Arts Law Copyright Act 1968

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Program Evaluation A Case Study

Introduction In recent years, it is becoming increasingly clear that programs or projects hardly survive in the absence of an evaluation. A program evaluation, among other things, provides formative feedback that inarguably assists to guide the program during the implementation phase.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Program Evaluation: A Case Study specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Among the deliverables, an evaluation provides summative information that evidently demonstrates the effectiveness of the program towards achieving its stated goals and objectives (Royse et al., 2010). More importantly, this information can be used to optimize the program’s results, efficiency, and quality (Fink, 1995). Below, this paper addresses some questions relating to an evaluation of Teacher Education Training (TEP). Evaluation Questions According to Fink (1995), evaluation questions are mainly posed primarily to judge the program’s merits, that is, if goals were met, benefits achieved, and standards of achievement, among others. As such, the following are the evaluation questions: To what extent did the TEP achieve its goals and objectives in terms of enhancing your teaching methods? Has the TEP impacted you in any way in terms of imparting knowledge to the students you teach? Have there been any changes in the way you comprehend the subject you teach after undergoing the TEP? In your opinion, do you think the TEP is worth been replicated in other curriculums of other universities? Do you still employ the TEP techniques you learned? How has the TEP changed your general perspective in teaching your subject? Standards According to Fink (1997), â€Å"setting the standards means deciding on the information needed to provide convincing evidence of a program†¦Ã¢â‚¬  The standards that are decided upon must be appropriate, measurable, and credible. In the case example, the following are the standards: Testimonials from teachers who have undergone or are in the process of undergoing the TEP about trends of improvement Observations by the evaluators on teaching methods between those in the proposed curriculum (TEP program) and past graduates Comparison of student achievement records, i.e., those taught by TEP trainees and those taught by past graduates Observation for possible differences in performance for teachers on TEP in terms of age, interest, and experience Design The evaluation design is the structure or backbone of any project evaluation process since it does not only document outcomes that can conclusively be linked to the intervention, but it also gives direction on how the subjects will be compared to record possible differences. The design selected by the evaluators has far-reaching ramifications on the project final outcomes (Fink, 1995; Creswell, 2003). In the case study, the design employed is to compare teachers who have undergone TEP with previous gr aduates in terms of changes in teaching methods, knowledge of subject taught, and student performance. The measures employed include: Testing and surveying all subjects in the proposed two year TEP and internship program Observing subjects on an yearly basis from entry into TEP until two years after graduation Data Collection Measures A data collection measure is basically a tool or instrument that has been designed, tested, and validated for purposes of collecting data from the field (Sekaran, 2006). In the case example, the following data collection measures are used:Advertising Looking for essay on education? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Achievement Tests Observations Survey Questionnaires Published Literature Additional information To successfully complete the evaluation, you need to know how to analyze the data received from the participants. Here, the methods of analysis are dependent on aspects of the evaluation items, how the variables are determined, and issues of reliability and validity, among others. In the case study, all the variables – categorical, ordinal, and numerical – have to be used. Finally you also need to know how to objectively report the results that must include: Purpose of evaluation How evaluation was done (methods) Results Implications The evaluation reports can either be orally read or in written form. In the case study, a written report will be ready in six months Reference List Creswell, J.W. (2003). Research Design: Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Approaches. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc Fink, A. (1995). Evaluation for Education and Psychology. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc Royse, D., Thyer, B.A., Padgett, D.K. (2010). Program Evaluation: An Introduction. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Sekaran, U. (2006). Research Methods for Business: A Skill Building Approach, 4th Ed. Wiley-India This essay on Program Evaluation: A Case Study was written and submitted by user Jane Roth to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.